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Harshdeep Ahuja shared a post on engineer’s day, check full news here

Engineer day is celebrated on September 15 every year throughout the world. On this day, many engineers share the experience of their college life. Many Engineers turned famous youtubers like Ashish Chanchlani, Harshdeep Ahuja, Jatt Prabhjot ( Prabhjot Singh), etc. shared a social media post in the memories of their college life. Here we’ll show the post shared by Harshdeep Ahuja dedicated to Engineer’s life.

Harshdeep Ahuja shared a photo of himself with one of his friends during college life. He wrote, “Centuries ago people who sacrificed their sleep, food, laughter and other joys of life were called ‘SAINTS’ but Now they are called as ‘ENGINEERS’. Engineering is not only a course, it’s a feeling”.

He said,” I remember this picture was clicked in 2009 in Mechanical Lab when we were about to learn how to connect 2 metal pieces through welding. By the end of our course, we got connected and attached to so many emotions, friends, learnings, experiences.”


He admired,” If I talk about today, I have left this field but whatever I am today is because I’ve been through this feeling’ and love it. Happy Engineer’s Day to all Engineers out there.”

Harshdeep Ahuja is a famous engineer turned youtuber, who generally uploads videos of comedy vines on youtube. His youtube channel “Harshdeep Ahuja” has around 9 Lakh subscribers. Moreover, he had started his vlog channel last year. His vlog channel name is Sardarcasm where he generally uploads videos of daily life and has gained around1.5 Lakh subscribers on the vlog channel.



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