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Navhappy Bhullar completes 100k subscribers, see how they celebrated

Navhappy Bhullar has completed 1 lakh(100k) subscribers on their YouTube channel recently. Their youtube channel has grown quite quickly and they have achieved this number within 1 year, after uploading the 1st video on youtube.

Earlier, they got popular on the Instagram app. Both Harpreet Bhullar and Navdeep(Nav) had built a lot of caring fans through Instagram reels. They generally posted the reels of couple modeling, and soon one or two of their Instagram reels gone viral. And then there was no looking back at all. They were getting thousands of new followers per day, through the Instagram reels.

Once they have a popular fan base, they joined youtube. They started sharing vlogs of daily life on social media. And within a time span of 1 year, they have completed 100k subscribers on youtube.

Harpreet Bhullar has celebrated this achievement with his family in his hometown in Punjab. But Navdeep has gone to Canada for her work. Anyhow, Harpreet Bhullar and his family cut an adorable and attractive cake for the celebration. The cake was decorated amazingly as it has “Navhappy Bhullar 100k subscribers celebration” printed on it. Moreover, the cake has the username of the Navhappy Bhullar Instagram account printed on it.

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The cake was collectively cut by Bhullar’s family, and Harpreet’s mother mentioned that if Navdeep was here with us, it would be a more enjoyable moment. In the end, Harpreet Bhullar thanked his subscribers for giving so much love and told them that nothing was possible without the support of caring and loving subscribers.

He added, ” If the subscribers would always support like this, one day we will reach 1 million subscribers on youtube.”



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