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Punjabi Vlogger finally go back to Canada via this route, check full news here

Punjabi vlogger aka Maninder Singh Mangat finally revisits Canada after a long holiday trip to Punjab. A few months back, Punjabi Vlogger came back to India to spend time with the family, and now, finally, he revisits Canada after about 5 months.

Punjabi vlogger reached Canada via Frankfurt, Albania (Tirana), route. These are the places in the European continent. He told that he had bought a very expensive flight ticket as at the time of booking, there were no direct flights from India to Canada. Moreover, he couldn’t even get a flight ticket from India to Canada via the Dubai route. So he purchased a very expensive flight ticket via an agent.

Maninder Singh packed his luggage ( two bags of around 23 kg each) and reached from Punjab to Delhi via car because he has to take a flight from Delhi airport. From Delhi, he first reached Frankfurt, Germany, and has to change his terminal at the airport for the next journey. And then he reached Albania, Tirana and has to stay here for 1 day because the flight from Albania to Canada was on the next day.

Very sadly along with the other passengers, he was not able to find his luggage at the airport. After inquiring the higher authorities, he came to know that his luggage has not yet arrived at the airport. So, he wrote a complaint letter to the airport authorities.

Meanwhile, he has to stay in Albania for one night. He spent the whole night in a 5-star hotel. Next day, in the early morning he reached the Tirana International airport in search of his luggage. And luckily, his luggage has arrived at the airport. After collecting his luggage, he took the flight from Tirana airport and finally reached Toronto, Canada from where his friend took him to his house via car. His wife Sharan Mangat and his little son Angad make a warm welcome to him.

Although, Maninder Singh has gone back to Canada but his brother Dilaavar Singh is still at his hometown Punjab.



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