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OMG !! Aman Jagraon pranks Inder Ramgharia, read full news here

Aman Jagraon does a hilarious prank to the Inder Ramgharia in the new video. Aman Jagraon let’s Inder Ramgharia to eat Jolo chips in a prank. Jolo chips are the Indian hottest chilies based chips and are therefore one of the hottest chilies in the world. Even a person cannot bear a single bite of the Jolo chips on his tongue.

Aman Jagraon initially opened the packet of the Oreo biscuits and then mixed the Jolo chips masala with the cream of the biscuit. After mixing, he kept the biscuit in the packet in its original state. And therefore, no one would think that anything is mixed with the biscuit.

Then Aman Jagraon went to Inder’s house with Harsh Jagraon to final the scripts of upcoming videos. And when Inder Ramgharia was busy in gossiping with Harsh Jagraon, Aman Jagraon bought the packet of the Oreo biscuit and offers one biscuit to Inder Ramgharia.


After tasting a bite of the biscuit, Inder Ramgharia came to know that some hot chilies are mixed with the biscuit. Suddenly, he ran to drink water to compensate for the effect of the hot chilies.

And then he came to know that he has been pranked by Aman Jagraon who has offered him Jolo chips mixed with the biscuit to eat. The prank by Aman Jagraon became successful and Inder Ramgharia ate Dahi with sugar to bring the taste of the tongue to the normal condition.



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