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Haters scratched fresh wrapping of Sahibnoor’s car, Sahibnoor reaction may surprise you

Famous Youtuber Sahibnoor Singh is very fond of car modifications. Sahibnoor Singh has a black-coloured Mahindra Thar and he usually modifies it regularly. He usually wraps his Thar in very attractive colors along with other modifications.

This time, Sahibnoor had wrapped his Thar in stylish deep blue colour, worth Rs 50,000 from Delhi. He has shared pictures of his newly wrapped Thar on social media. He has got so many loving comments from his fans throughout the world.

On the other side, people who feel jealous of Sahibnoor’s success have done something miserable. One individual from the hater’s group has intentionally scratched the new wrapping of Sahibnoor’s Thar.


Actually, the Thar was parked in the front of the house by Sahibnoor and a hater came on a motorbike and scratched the wrapping of the car with a blade-like object. After doing the damage, he ran away very quickly and silently so that no one would be able to find who has done the damage. But, all the incident was caught in the nearby camera and the hater was unknown about this fact.

The next day, when Sahibnoor saw that the wrapping of the car has been damaged intentionally, he immediately checked the camera recordings. And Sahibnoor was able to saw the face of the culprit clearly and most importantly, he recognized that person and told he lives in the nearby society.

Sahibnoor, then asked on social media if he should share the camera recordings or not. All his fans answered “yes”. But Sahibnoor very kind-heartedly doesn’t share the recordings and didn’t even reveal any information about the culprit. Sahibnoor very kindly forgave the hater.

Sahibnoor replied, ” If I would reveal the face of the culprit, then it may destroy his future and he may suffer from depression in the upcoming days. It is a better option to close this matter here and the power of “Karma” would definitely take revenge from him.

“Sahibnoor also added, ” This is the last warning, and please don’t do these cruel and harsh activities in the future.”



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