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OMG !! Aman Aujla collabs with Neetu Shatran Wala, here’s the reason

Famous Punjabi roaster and YouTuber Aman Aujla collabs with Neetu Shatran wala recently. Aman Aujla has started new series “Kidaan Fer” on his youtube channel. The first episode of this series was released on September 23 where Neetu Shatran wala came as a guest and both Aman and Neetu have a funny gossip in the video.

The funniest part of the video was when Neetu was offered a burger that was actually made from the dirty materials collected from a toilet seat. Moreover, Aman and Neetu wants to have a cup of tea but the huge price of the single cup of tea was so expensive in the hotel so that they couldn’t afford it. But somehow, Aman makes the tea by himself and offers it to Neetu but Neetu very awkwardly dipped the piece of banana in the cup and started eating very joyfully.

Well, that was some funny moments from that episode. But, you may feel surprised after knowing the reason, why Aman Aujla has collaborated with Neetu Shatran Wala?

Since most people know that Neetu become famous after the elections, where no one voted for him and the funny video of Neetu Shatran wala was gone viral on the Internet. He got both name and fame in society but today, Neetu has been slipped from the sky to the ground. He has lost everything.

Neetu told that earlier, he had a business of Shatars, but soon his business closed due to some reasons. Many people used him falsely for their greed after he became popular. Moreover, his daughter met with an accident and his sons have little or no interest in the study, and his sons are immoral to him.

Moreover, his songs and videos are not getting as viral as they would bring a handsome amount of income. The story became worsened when Neetu told that he is not able to nurture his family and asked help from society to look after him so that he could bring happiness in life.

In the end, Aman Aujla also requested the society to support Neetu Shatran wala financially.



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