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First time Shilpa Chaudhary reveals unknown secrets of Sahil Dagar, click here to know

For the very first time, Shilpa Chaudhary has revealed the secrets of his rumored boyfriend Sahil Dagar. She has revealed her relation with Sahil Dagar along with the other rare information about him like the job of Sahil, his family, his lifestyle, etc. Read the full article to know everything about Sahil Dagar and his relation to Shilpa Chaudhary.

Firstly, Shilpa has revealed that she met Sahil in the year 2013 and the 1st impressions of Sahil were slightly irritating to her. Shilpa told that Sahil was continuously looking at her and she had a thought in her mind to slap him immediately, but she didn’t commit the act and ignored him. To be very honest, Sahil’s first impressions were not so good to Shilpa. But when they began talking to each other, they started liking the company of each other. And since 2013, they are regularly in contact with each other.


Moreover, Shilpa told that Sahil’s nature is very humble and he has never missed an opportunity to make her happy. Shilpa added, ” Sahil is a very caring and warm-hearted person, and always supports me.” In recent times, Sahil and Shilpa live together in a 3 BHK flat along with Shilpa’s sister Kajal Chaudhary.

Talking about his qualifications and job, Shilpa Chaudhary told that Sahil is a “Bsc IT” graduate and had worked as a Java developer but currently, he is studying LLB and he is a 2nd-year law student.

Shilpa added, “there are 5 members in Sahil’s family. His father, an older brother with his wife and a son, and Sahil himself are the only members. His mother died a few years ago.”

Talking about the relationship, Shilpa revealed that Sahil Dagar is the most caring boyfriend in the world. Actually, Sahil proposed to Shilpa initially but very interestingly Shilpa said “no” to him.” But there is a very long story about how Sahil managed to convince Shilpa for marriage”, Shilpa added.

Shilpa doesn’t reveal about their marriage information but still confirmed that she would reveal their love story and marital status in near future. Shilpa also told that they have traveled around 8 countries together and they are shifting to Canada in the upcoming years. And they have applied for Canada PR as they have cleared the IELTS exam with a good score. There is a very rough estimation that they might shift to Canada before 2023-24.

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