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Mister Param best mimicry of Navjot Singh Sidhu, click here to watch the video

Famous Youtuber and mimicry artist Mister Param have shared a mimicry video of Navjot Singh Sidhu on social media. Sidhu has resigned from Punjab Congress president due to some reasons but he got trolled by several social media users.

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Similarly, Mister Param has uploaded a video in which he is mimicking Navjot Sidhu. He is saying, ” dekho guru CM banna tha maine, pr chani ko bana diya,,, pr mujhe kushi is baat ki hai, ke maine CAPTAIN ko hata diya.

Moreover, Mister Param mimics that now Sidhu is free and is requesting Kapil Sharma to bring back him to the show. The funniest line was, ” I will bring my own sofa, and I’ll sit along with Archana Pooran Singh, please give me one chance to come back.”

Watch the video here ,,,,



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Earlier, Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned as the chief of the Punjab Congress Committee. There are rumors prevailing in the society that Sidhu wanted himself to be the next CM of Punjab after Amrinder Singh. But his wish didn’t get fulfilled, that’s why he resigned from the president of Punjab Congress Committee.



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