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Reet Narula is going to Canada, actual reason may surprise you

Famous social media star Reet Narula is going to Canada and this information was shared by Reet Narula herself on social media. Fans of Reet Narula are asking that why she is going to Canada immediately because she has all sorts of facilities in India and also, she is quite popular on social media platforms and has many sources of income.

There are some rumors that Reet Narula is shifting to Canada and she has applied for direct PR of Canada. But the truth is far behind from the prevailing rumors.

Actually, Reet Narula was a Law student at the time of marriage with Sam Narula, and Reet discontinued her studies after the marriage. But now Reet is going to Canada to complete her studies and would come back after the completion of the degree.

Honestly, Reet would have gone very earlier to Canada for studies after marriage, but Corona pandemic from the last year has delayed her journey. Moreover, Reet Narula told that she have applied for a study visa 2 years back and now finally, her visa has arrived. Moreover, Canada has allowed direct flights from India to arrive in their country, which was earlier banned due to high cases of corona in India due to the 2nd wave.

So, Reet has to go to Canada after the visa arrival and all the family members along with Sam Narula felt very emotional from the fact that Reet is going to Canada. Actually, it is the first time after the marriage of Reet that she is going alone, even without her husband Sam Narula. This is a little emotional and tough time for the couple and their family.

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Earlier, Sam and Reet celebrated their 2nd Marriage anniversary at the start of September month and they had also organized a big party for the celebration. They have also released an official song dedicated to their 2nd marriage anniversary “ 2 SAAL”.

It is very hard to believe that Reet is going to Canada because Mr. and Mrs. Narula never revealed the fact that Reet has applied for a Canada study visa to their loving fans. Anyhow, Reet would come back to India after the completion of her degree and if Sam wants to meet Reet, he might go to Canada through a tourist Visa.



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