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MannChann biography

MannChann aka Mandeep Singh and Chann Kaur is the famous couple from Punjab who generally shares vlogs of daily life and they also upload short videos (reels) on their respective Instagram accounts. In this article, you will read about the biography and early life of MannChann, how they met and became husband-wife.

Biography of Chann Kaur

Chann Kaur is a Punjab-based Singer and a Tik Tok star who got popular in the year 2019-20. She is the wife of famous music director Mandeep Singh. Chann Kaur real name is Charanjeet Kaur and she changed her name before her debut song in the Punjab singing industry.

Chann Kaur was born in 1994, Punjab, in a lower-middle-class family. Her parents were working on a daily basis and they had to work hard to make all ends meet of the family. And also, at a very early age, Chann Kaur has to do all the work of home because her mother was a working woman and had no time for the household works.

Chann Kaur studied at Sant Seechewal School till 10th class. Many times, Chann Kaur performed on stage as a singer in school. Chann Kaur recited a poem on stage “SAVE NATURE” when she was in 2nd class, and also it was her 1st stage performance of the life. She has a talent for singing from childhood and the listeners always praised Chann Kaur for her Melodious voice. Chann Kaur told in an interview that her favorite singers are Surinder Kaur and Gurmeet Bawa.

Then, Chann Kaur featured in Voice of Punjab 7. Although, she was unable to win the show but she had made her place in lakhs of people through her melodious voice. Some people from the music industry approached her for religious and semi-religious songs and finally, she made her debut in the Punjabi music industry through the song “NERE NERE” in 2018. She signed a few more songs and got a little name and fame. But the problem was she was not getting as popular as she could have a handsome source of income. Subsequently, she was not getting offers for new songs and her status in the Punjabi music industry starts decreasing. It was a very tough time for her and she usually locked herself in a room for several hours.

She was depressed until she started making videos on social media. She started making short videos on the Tik Tok app and gained a million followers in few months. She was making lip-syncing videos of the latest songs and people started watching Chann Kaur on social media. She became a tik tok star in few months and got name and fame throughout the Punjab region. Once the tik tok was banned in India, she started making Instagram reels, and currently, she has more than 4 lakh followers on Instagram.

Biography of Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh is a famous Music director in the Punjab music industry. He has created awesome music in the background of some of the famous Punjabi songs.

Mandeep Singh was born at Batala, Punjab, and studied till 12th class in a local school. In school days, he had interest in composing music but lack of sources didn’t pursue him to crack his goal of music composer. After passing 12th, he graduated from a nearby college and got a job in the private sector from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. After spending few months in the job, he felt that he is not made for this job because he has to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful music director. He left the job and started his own studio of music composer in Batala. Moreover, he started making videos on YouTube. But he got little or no success. Since, he has committed himself to this profession, he started working hard day by day. He approached many people in the music industry but no one gave him any kind of work.

But one day, finally he got work and he directed the music of an unknown song and got Rs 500 from the customer. Slowly-Slowly he was getting work in the music industry and after giving his 100% in each work, he was appreciated and gained a handsome income by working as a music director in many songs.

Today, he has many clients from the Music Industry, and moreover, he is a successful YouTuber and vlogger. He has around 3 lakh subscribers on YouTube and around 1 lakh followers on Instagram.

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