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MannChann love story and marriage

MannChann aka Mandeep Singh and Chann Kaur got married in the month of June 2020. MannChann is a famous vlogger couple from Batala, Punjab. Professionally, Mandeep Singh is a music director whereas Chann Kaur is a lyrics writer and a Punjabi singer. In this article, you will read about the cute love story of MannChann.

The story begins when they met in a professional meeting. Actually, Chann Kaur had written lyrics of a new song and wanted Mandeep to produce awesome music for the song. Mandeep Singh was living in Batala and has a home studio set up, whereas Chann Kaur was living in a small village near Jalandhar.

Chann Kaur, along with her mother visited Batala to meet Mandeep for music directing for Chann Kaur’s new song “Pyaar Wale Keerhe”. After meeting, Chann Kaur and her mother came back home through a bus. There is a very funny incident in the meantime. Actually, the last bus from Batala to Chann’s village goes around 6:30 pm in the evening but the time has already gone beyond 6:30 pm when Chann Kaur was in a meeting with Mandeep. After meeting, Mandeep himself dropped them at the nearest bus stand and Mandeep started searching for a bus that was going to Jalandhar. He searched the whole bus stand and finally found a bus which was going to Jalandhar. He shouted, “Aajo Aajo, Ehi bus Jalandhar jaani, mai bus rok ke rakhi ae !! Jaldii Jaldii Aajo !!! ,,, and after listening Chann Kaur and her mother sat on that bus and observed the caring nature of Mandeep Singh.

After few days, Mandeep finalise the music for the song and asked Chann Kaur to come and listen, so that he would further modify if there are any changes. And again Chann Kaur along with her mother visited Mandeep’s home studio set up.

When Chann Kaur was busy in meeting with Mandeep, Chann’s mother met Mandeep’s mother, and both the mothers forwarded the idea of Marriage of both. Both the mothers asked their children about the marriage but Chann Kaur and Mandeep Singh didn’t give any answer. They just wanted some time, so that they could know each other better and develop better understandings.


So, they started talking to each other like friends, and this process continued for 3-4 months. They started sharing the daily happenings of their life with each other. And finally, Chann Kaur felt that Mandeep Singh is perfect for her and proposed to Mandeep Singh for marriage. But Mandeep has no clear-cut answer as he wanted a little more time. Then, after two weeks, Chann Kaur again asked Mandeep Singh about marriage and this time Mandeep Singh said yes.

Then they were engaged to each other in late 2019 and got married to each other in June 2020. Since mothers of both the children forwarded the idea of marriage, but the final decision was taken by Mandeep Singh and Chann Kaur. Initially, Chann Kaur started liking Mandeep and had developed feelings for him, so she proposed to him and Mandeep eventually said “YES” to the marriage.



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