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The Modern Singhs – Money’s little brother cut his hair, see the reaction of Abbey

Money asked his little brother “Ash” to cut his hair because his hair have grown too long and was making a mess. As there is a complete lockdown in Auckland, so the barbershops too were closed. There is a rough estimate that the lockdown would end in 3-4 weeks but Money’s hair has grown too much that he wanted to cut them immediately.

Money’s little brother Ash came with clippers for a haircut but Money felt scared from the fact that if Ash wouldn’t give a proper and handsome haircut, what would be his looks? What if it makes him look ugly? ….

So initially, Money asked Abbey that if he’s doing right to have a haircut from Ash? ,,, But Abbey realized Money is grown enough and he could make his own decisions. So she answered, ” It’s your decision. If you wanted a haircut, then you should just go for it,… Or if you don’t want a haircut, then it’s OK. “


After finalizing the decision of haircut, Money asked Ash to do the task and Ash actually gave a pretty and smart-looking haircut to him. And when Money asked the views from Abbey after the haircut, she admired, ” It’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be. You are looking a little gorgeous than before.” Therefore Abbey actually praised him for the haircut and also Money himself liked the new hairstyle with shortened hair.

Money and Abbey are the Punjabi-Scottish couple, who generally makes the vlogs of daily life and post them on social media. Moreover, they make tik tok videos, and very often Bhangra (folk dance of Punjab) videos of Abbey go viral on the Internet.



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