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The Modern Singh’s new child gender update, click here to know

Money and Abbey are expecting the birth of a new baby in a few weeks. Actually, Abbey is 7-8 months old pregnant, and therefore the time of the birth of a new child is coming nearer and nearer.

Already, Money and Abbey are the parents of a cute boy ‘Noah’ and are expecting to be the proud parents of the second child. Recently, they have revealed the gender of the upcoming child.

In developed countries like New Zealand and Australia, one can check the gender of the child before birth but in countries like India, it is illegal because of high rates of female foeticide. As Abbey is living in New Zealand, so she had gone for pre-birth scans of the new baby and came to know the gender of the new baby.

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As in Money’s family, there is the scantiness of a girl child, therefore both Money and Abbey wanted a girl child. Money himself doesn’t have a real sister and therefore wanted a sister for his son “Noah”. And guess what, God has fulfilled their dream and gifted a girl child to them. Yes, Money and Abbey revealed that the new child is a girl child which is being nurtured in Abbey’s womb. They feel so blessed to be the parents of a girl child. They have tears of joy in their eyes after knowing the gender of the new child and thanked God for such a prosperous gift.

The Modern Singh is a famous Punjabi-Scottish couple who are famous for their cute bhangra videos and are currently residing in New Zealand. Although there is a complete lockdown in New Zealand, the Modern Singh’s never missed an opportunity to entertain their loving fans.



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