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Is Shilpa Chaudhary married to Sahil Dagar, click here to know

Shilpa Chaudhary is a long hair unicorn girl who is popular on social media for her glamorous looks. Recently, Shilpa Chaudhary has revealed her marital status. In the recent social media post, she had openly talked about whether she is married or not.

Actually, there were rumors prevailing on social media that Shilpa is unmarried but on the other hand some people were saying that she is married. Her fans were curious to know about the reality and they wanted to confirm the truth.

Shilpa told that she is getting many direct messages on social media about her marital status, so she is revealing the exact truth from which most of his followers are unknown.

Shilpa revealed that when she was in her early ’20s, she got married to Sahil Dagar. She met Sahil at a family function. Actually, Shilpa’s father and Sahil’s father are close friends and both of the parents converted their friendship into a family relation. Firstly, Sahil and Shilpa started liking each other, and then their parents also became ready for their marriage.

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Shilpa also told that they have traveled around 8 countries together and they are shifting to Canada in the upcoming years, and they have applied for direct Canada PR as they have cleared the IELTS exam with a good score. There is a very rough estimation that they might shift to Canada before 2023-24. But currently, Shilpa lives in a 3 Bhk flat with Sahil Dagar along with her younger sister ‘Kajal’.



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