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Prabh Nishan: Prabh Kaur shares the first video of the Bangle ceremony, watch the full video here

Prabh Kaur is marrying Nishan Khehra in the first week of November 2021, and the Bangle ceremony of Prabh Kaur was held on 28 October at a local resort.

Prabh Kaur has recently shared the video of her Bangle ceremony prior to marriage on Instagram. Her Bangle ceremony was held at a local resort in Punjab.

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Prabh Kaur was looking very beautiful and adorable in a greyish-silver colour lehenga. She was in a very joyous mood and has shared the clips of the dance moves at her own ceremony.

Prabh Kaur had invited many social media stars like Simran Kalsi, Rajdeep Kullar, Nav Bhangu etc. to the ceremony. All her friends and sisters were wearing a violet coloured Punjabi suit which was the dress code for young females. And her brothers were also wearing violet-coloured turbans.

Prabh Kaur’s marriage day is coming soon and she is marrying Nishan Khehra. Nishan Khehra is also a famous social media influencer but professionally he is a producer and a singer. As a couple, Prabhjot Kaur and Nishanpreet Singh Khehra are commonly called as Prabh-Nishan.

Watch the video of the Bangle ceremony here,



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Prabh Kaur is a Tik Tok star and also have more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. She generally makes lip sync videos of trending songs and is famous for her cute looks.



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