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Sourav Joshi completes 10 Million subscribers on youtube, see the reaction of other youtubers and social media stars

Sourav Joshi has completed 10 Million youtube subscribers on 6 November 2021, and the popular youtubers of India like Carryminati, Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani, Gaurav Taneja, etc. congratulated him in their own special way.

Famous Indian vlogger Sourav Joshi got greetings and cheers from the famous social media personalities after achieving a goal of 10 Million subscribers on youtube. Here we will show you the reaction of the famous YouTubers after hearing the big success of Sourav Joshi.

Carryminati reacted to the success of Sourav Joshi and admired, “Congratulations sir. It’s time to cheer as you have completed 10 million subscribers. It’s just the start of a long journey and you should go far ahead in this journey. And also, now you are eligible for youtube’s diamond play button. This award is not only for you, it is the combined achievement of your subscribers. Please take care of your diamond play button as it always showcases your success to your relatives and others. Congratulations and be happy in life.”

Ashish Chanchlani reacted, ” Congratulations brother for 10M subscribers. I’m very proud of you. You have grown too much in a very short time. There is something special in you, so the audience has developed a special connection with you. Many many congratulations and enjoy the success.”

Gaurav Taneja reacted, ” You have achieved success like a Rajdhani Express and all the best for the future. I hope you will achieve more success in the future.”

Nikunj Lotia (Be You Nick) reacted, “Congratulations Sourav Joshi for completing 10 Million subscribers. Keep entertaining and keep creating the best vlogs.”

Mythpat reacted, ” Hello Sourav Joshi Bhai, congratulations on this big achievement, and keep working hard and maintain your daily vlogs as such in future.”

Slayy point reacted, ” Congratulations to both Sourav and Piyush. You have achieved greater heights in no time. Please teach us how to vlog so that we can also learn the art of vlogging.”

Ujjwal from Techno Gamerz reacted, ” Congratulations to Sourav, Piyush, and Oreo for 10M subscribers. You have absolutely nailed this year with high-quality vlogs and I hope you would achieve greater success in the upcoming year. Congratulations to your parents as well as your family.”

Even successful vloggers like Jatt Prabhjot, RiMoRav, Mumbaiker Nikhil also congratulated Sourav Joshi and Piyush Joshi after they have achieved a big milestone of 10 Million subscribers. And the list is endless of those people, who have congratulated Sourav Joshi for his great success.



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