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The Modern Singhs – Money and Abbey does a cricket match challenge, read who wins the match

Money and Abbey does a cricket match challenge recently. In the match, Money was representing India and Abbey was representing the black caps, New Zealand. They wore blue and black jerseys respectively, which is the jersey color of the respective national teams.

They played this match at the backside of their house and they decided that the match is of one over, and who score more runs in the over, would be the winner of the match. Very strangely, Money forgot that how many balls are bowled in one over? But, he finally remembered that there are only six balls bowled in an over.

Also, very strangely, Money failed to remember Yuvraj Singh and told that Sachin Tendulkar had hit six sixes in an over. Anyhow, they began the match and their son ‘Noah’ was represented as a fielder. He has to return the ball to the bowler after every shot hit by the batsman. Modern Singhs made their own rule of the match like a gully cricket. Very interestingly, they decided that there is no OUT in the match and every batsman has to play six balls and score as many as greater runs.

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They started the match and at first, Abbey was batting and Money was bowling. Abbey got OUT two times in the over, but as we have already said that there was a rule of no OUT in the match, and the batsman has to play all the six balls. So, Abbey made eight runs in the single over despite getting out twice. To win the match, Money had to score more than 8 runs but he failed to do so. He was just able to score only 3 runs in the over and therefore Abbey won the match. And also, Abbey is left-handed, so she batted and bowled with the left hand.

The Modern Singh is a famous Punjabi-Scottish couple who are famous for their cute bhangra videos and are currently residing in New Zealand. Although there is a complete lockdown in New Zealand, the Modern Singh’s never missed an opportunity to entertain their loving fans.



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