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Sam Narula special post on Arshreet Narula’s birthday, click here to watch

Nov 11 marks the birthday of the famous social media star Arshreet Narula. Her hubby Sam Narula shared a special post dedicated to Arshreet Narula.

Arshreet Narula turns 21 on the date 11 Nov 21. She celebrated her birthday in Canada, whereas her husband Sam Narula took to social media to post a special message for her on this special occasion.

Sam Narula admired, “Happy birthday baby. Every second without you is like a moon without stars. Living without you is not possible but still, I’m living without you in India.”

He added, ” I’m going to tell you one thing from the depth of my heart. There was no one before you and after you in my life. I only live for you, and when you came in my life I got inhabited like as a Banjara finds his permanent home.”

He also added, ” I love you so much that I can die for you. I breathe only for you. I wish, when I rise in the morning, I should see your face every day. I only pray to God that in every birth and life of mine, I’m only with you. I want nothing else, but I wanted you in every second of my life. I wanted you every time when I should have birth on any planet and at any time. And once again Happy happy birthday.” Check the social media post here,



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Also, they have released the recap of their 2nd Marriage Anniversary in the form of a short song on social media. They celebrated their marriage anniversary around a month ago, and now they are officially sharing the video on the birthday of Reet.

Actually, Arshreet Narula had gone to Canada to complete her studies in October 2021, and Sam Narula is living in India. Sam is quite missing Reet from the day, she went to Canada.

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