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Watch: Bir Ramgarhia Flies The Biggest Kite Of India, The Video Goes Viral On The Internet

Bir Ramgarhia flies a special 8 Tawa kite “TUKKAL” at the festival of Lohri and the video of this big kite has gone viral on the internet.

The festival of Lohri is celebrated by lighting bonfires at night, eating festive food and dancing on January 13 every year. And also, the people of Punjab and the nearby regions celebrate it by flying colorful kites during the day time.

The young boys as well as older people and small children have immense excitement for flying kites on this festival. Generally, they start shopping their colorful expensive kites along with the Manjha in the month of December.

Following the craze of flying kites, the famous punjabi youtuber Bir Ramgarhia have flown 8 tawa big kites on this festival. Bir Ramgarhia had made these kites from the oldest kite makers of Amritsar. He ordered two 8 tawa tukkals and one 12 tawa big kite along with twenty 6 tawa big kites.


On Lohri, the wind speed was not enough so as to fly these giant kites but during the weekend he got a chance to fly these kites. One 8 tawa tukkal was made in rainbow colored strips while the other one was made in black color with a design on it. These kites were even far bigger than Bir’s height, and he flew these kites with 4 different manjhas which were tied to single kite at the same time.

The only sad thing is that he was not able to cut as many kites as he could had wanted but it was a great experience for him to flew these kites. Her friends Harman Ramgarhia, Harsh, Sahil Babbar, Jass and others were also present there at that time.

You can check the video here.



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