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Sneha Lally And Gagan Lally Love Story

Sneha Lally married famous social media star Gagan Lally in the month of July in the year 2021. However, their marriage was a love marriage. In this article, you would come to know the romantic love story of newly married couples from the beginning. Before the beginning of this article, you should remember that Gagan Lally and Sneha Lally are the residents of Jalandhar city and both of them often visit Gurudwara Talhan Sahib ( nearby to Jalandhar city) regularly before marriage.

Gagan Lally with Sneha Lally

Gagan Lally goes viral on Internet

Let’s start with the romantic love story of the couple. First, Gaganpreet Singh Lally ( Gagan Lally ) became a Tik Tok star and gained around 5 lakh followers at the start of the year 2020. He was posting funny videos on the Tik Tok app for the past 1 year and became quite popular in the Punjab region, and the important thing is, Sneha also started watching Gagan Lally’s funny videos on Tik-Tok.

Gagan Lally’s first meeting with Sneha

Then, one day Gagan Lally visited Gurudwara Talhan Sahib in the month of March 2020 with his friends, and the other thing is, Sneha was also there at that time with her friends. Sneha recognizes that the person standing nearer to him was Gagan Lally and told this thing to one of her friends. Then, Sneha actually confirmed by asking Gagan Lally that if you really are Gagan Lally? He replied, ” Yes, I’m Gagan Lally, the famous Tik Tok star”…

It was a special fan moment for Gagan Lally as Sneha took selfies with Gagan Lally. Actually, that was the first meeting of the couple with each other. Sneha was so cute that Gagan Lally remembered the face of Sneha in his mind. He thought Sneha might upload selfies on social media tagging him and he could further communicate with her through social media but she never uploaded the selfies.

Gagan Lally contacted Sneha

Gagan Lally was so impressed that he wanted to contact Sneha at any cost. The only way to contact her was to check his followers’ list as Sneha must have followed Gagan Lally on social media. However, this was not an easy task as he had followers in lakhs at that time. But he decided to find Sneha in his follower’s section and the only thing he remembered was the cute face of Sneha. It was a big task and what if Sneha had not set her own photo as her account profile picture ? ……

But he put all the negative thoughts aside and started searching for this cute girl and finally succeeded, as he found an account of that cute girl and came to know that her name was Sneha and she was also from Jalandhar city.

The next task was to send a message to Sneha but Gagan Lally was not as brave as to send a text message to a random girl. So, one of his friends Sandeep Sabi acts as ” Vichola” and texted Sneha that Gagan Lally wants to talk with her and you may send a text message to Gagan Lally. Sabi somehow managed to convince Sneha that he was one of Gagan Lally’s friends and Gagan Lally actually wants to chat with her. Then Gagan and Sneha started chatting with each other on social media as friends and it was the beginning of their late-night chats. Both of them chat to each other for long hours and gossip about their daily routine, and from here Gagan Lally came to know that Sneha was preparing for the IELTS exam in a nearby institute.

Who Proposed First?

Then, one day Sneha proposed to Gagan Lally in a random chat, and Gagan Lally accept the proposal and they started dating each other. They started daily meeting with each other outdoors and the interesting part is that Gagan Lally daily waits for Sneha at an area nearer to PAP chowk, Jalandhar, with his friends and Sneha comes to the site by driving a car. Gagan Lally and Sneha gossip for several minutes in Sneha’s car and this continues for several weeks and they also regularly visited gurudwara Talhan Sahib together at that time. They have 1 or 2 breakups several times but they were able to convince each other and the relationship between the couples became stronger and stronger.

Gagan Lally’s First Visit To Sneha’s house

Then, one day Sneha crashed her car into some vehicle and there was a little damage to the front of the car. Sneha immediately called Gagan Lally so that he should help her in the situation. Sneha actually called Gagan Lally to come to her house and take the car to the mechanic. Gagan Lally along with his friend Sandeep Sabi went to Sneha’s house and it was the first meeting of Gagan Lally with Sneha’s parents. Sneha lied to her parents that they were her friends as they also study in the same IELTS Institute. Moreover, Gagan and Sneha lied to the parents that Sabi’s father is a car mechanic and they would restore the front of the car from Sabi’s father. They took the car to the car mechanic and restored its initial look.

Sneha’s father actually started liking the company of Gagan Lally and Gagan Lally started visiting Sneha’s house as a friend.

Sneha and Gagan Lally tell their parents about their relationship

Then finally the time came when both Gagan Lally and Sneha told their parents respectively about their relationship and wanted to marry each other. But parents of both of them felt somewhat angry about their relationship. But Sneha and Gagan Lally somehow managed to convince their parents about their marriage.

Finally, Lally’s Family accepted Sneha, and Sneha’s family accepted Gagan Lally as a perfect match for each other respectively.

Gagan Lally and Sneha Lally marriage

Then, finally, after a few weeks of Diwali of the year 2020, Gagan Lally got engaged with Sneha but their marriage was postponed due to the second wave of the corona. And finally, after the decline of the second wave of corona Sneha married Gagan lally in the month of July 2021 at a grand resort located in Jalandhar city.



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