Home Gagan Lally Sneha lally breakup with Gagan Lally, read the full news here

Sneha lally breakup with Gagan Lally, read the full news here

There is very shocking news for Sneha and Gagan lally fans as the Sneha lally has a breakup with Gagan Lally and has decided to part away from him.

Sneha lally breakup with Gagan Lally, read the full news here

Sneha Lally and Gagan Lally breakup

There is very unbelievable and shocking news of the breakup of the newly married couple. It is difficult to believe that Sneha Lally has parted away from Gagan Lally but it’s true. The news of the breakup is real as Gagan Lally has deleted all the photos and videos of Sneha Lally from his official Instagram account. And very shockingly Sneha Lally has deleted her Instagram account. Remember that the couple has numerous Instagram reels in which they have crossed millions of views. Deleting these viral videos is not easy and it gave the signals that something has happened between the couple.

Gagan Lally reaction after break up

Fans were continuously asking Gagan Lally and Sneha about this matter through the comments section and direct messages. So, Gagan Lally finally spoke on the break-up news. He said, “Fight happens in everyone’s family and everyone has the right to express himself. Deleting photos and videos doesn’t mean that our relationship has ended. Hope everything would be fine soon.”

He also added, “It’s not a good thing to meddle into someone’s family. It’s a family matter and we can solve it.” He didn’t make any official statement about the breakup and requested everyone to deal with their own problems.

Sneha Lally new Instagram account

Meanwhile, Sneha has opened a new Instagram account after deleting the official Instagram account. Sneha has mentioned, “It’s my new account, the old one was the past. The best is yet to come…. Love u Mom Dad”. Sneha has made this account at the name “Sneha Katyal”, and has removed “Lally” from the surname.



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All these happenings direct us to the fact that Gagan Lally has a breakup with Sneha, despite the official statement is yet to come.

Sneha and Gagan Lally got married in June 2021 after about 2 years of a long relationship. All the things were going in a smooth way but something must have happened between them which tends them to part away from each other.



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