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Sneha Lally gives it back to haters for trolling her on divorce with Gagan Lally

Recently, Sneha Lally made a dig on haters who were trolling her after the breakup of the couple.

Sneha Katyal with Kimmi Pawan

Sneha Katyal (Lally) opened her own youtube vlogging channel after her divorce from the famous Tik Tok star Gagan Lally. Sneha Lally has taken the help of Kimmi-Pawan in growing her new YouTube channel. Sneha Lally has collaborated with them in several youtube videos.

Why Sneha Lally is getting trolled by haters?

Haters of Sneha started trolling her after the breakup news came on social media. Haters said, “It’s all about getting fame and publicity and once you are popular, you got separated from Gagan Lally.” Moreover, haters even said that Sneha and Kimmi-Pawan are using each other for getting name and fame so that they can get more views on their videos.

Sneha replied to haters

Now finally, Sneha Katyal made a dig at haters who were trolling her on social media for several reasons. Sneha replied to haters, “All who say it’s all about getting fame and popularity, you must change your mentality. Taking big steps in life is beyond getting fame. I stood on my own feet and I have continued on what I have.” She even said, “Thank you to those, who love me so much.”

Screengrab Of Sneha Katyal Insta Story

Actually, Kimmi-Pawan did help Sneha in a hard time, but saying that Kimmi-Pawan and Sneha have used each other for getting fame is not prime thinking. Whatever might be the reason for the breakup, one has to move on in his/her life. Gagan Lally is working on his own YouTube channel whereas Sneha Lally (Katyal) is working on her new YouTube channel.

Relation between Kimmi Pawan and Sneha

Kimmi-Pawan is the relative of Sneha Lally and belongs to Nawanshahr, Punjab. Kimmi-Pawan is a famous vlogger from Punjab and has more than 3 Lakh subscribers on YouTube.



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