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Triggered Insaan appreciates Tony Kakkar’s new song, Tony Kakkar Came up with a reply

Tony Kakkar’s new song “Main Akela Hoon” is out on youtube, and the famous roaster Triggered Insaan reviews it in his live stream video on youtube.

Triggered Insaan appreciates Tony Kakkar’s new song, Tony Kakkar Came up with a reply

Triggered Insaan aka Nischay Malan reacted to Tony Kakkar’s New song in yesterday’s Live stream video. Triggered Insaan appreciated Tony Kakkar for his new song and said this song is far better than all the previous songs. He added, ” What a song, absolutely loved it.” And also triggered Insaan appeals to his fans to go and watch that song.

Triggered Insaan, who has roasted Tony Kakkar several times for his extraordinary party songs, loved the new song written by him.

Triggered Insaan said, “Tony Kakkar’s extraordinary party songs, in which he has just repeated a single word, get at least 30-40 Million views. But the new song which is literally good has got around only 1 million views.” Triggered Insaan felt very bad as genuinely good songs are not getting popular but many random songs which have useless lyrics get views in several million.

Tony Kakkar reply to Triggered Insaan

Tony Kakkar replied to Triggered Insaan after he got to know that Triggered Insaan has reacted and appreciated him for the song “Main Akela Hoon”.Tony Kakkar replied, “Thank you Triggered Insaan for your appreciation. You are right that Main Akela Hoon is not getting many views as my other party songs but I am seeing now your fan army is supporting it. It will help ‘Main Akela Hoon’ to reach a wider audience. Much love to you.

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