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Youtube Fan Fest India 2022, here is all the information

What Is Youtube Fan Fest?

YouTube Fan Fest is a stage where famous youtubers perform directly in front of their Subscribers and Audience. YouTube FanFest is a platform where every YouTuber wants to go but the dream to reach here is just a few of Youtubers. Youtube FanFest is similar to a TV Award as we watch an award program on TV. YouTube FanFest is done every year and its program is done by Youtube team itself and it is organized at various places in different countries.

How to be Eligible for YouTube FanFest ?

You’ll be eligible for YouTube Fanfest only when your YouTube channel’s popularity is higher in audience and your Youtube channel is on the list of popular channels and there are more than 1 million subscribers on your channel and you get the award of youtube gold button. And if you have all these Qualification in your YouTube Channel, its not sure that you are obviously eligible for youtube fanfest.

How to get YouTube FanFest’s Tickets

YouTube FanFest’s Tickets come first on the basis of the first come first. Tickets of Youtube FanFest are just a few times out of stock. If you want to join Youtube FanFest Event and if you do not get a single ticket, then you can request from your favorite youtube Fanfest Star because they get some extra passes which they share with their Fans Family and Friends.

Youtube Fan Fest India 2022

Youtube is organizing another Fan Fest in India in 2022. Most probably it would be held virtually on social media. Youtube previous fan fest was also held virtually on social media in the year 2020. However, in 2019 Youtube Fan Fest was held in Mumbai in the front of thousands of people. Famous Youtubers like Ashish Chanchlani, Gaurav Taneja, Carryminati, Mostly Sane, Bhuvan Bam performed in front of their fans at the youtube fan fest 2019, Mumbai.

Youtube Fan Fest India 2022 updates

Date : 30 June 2022

Time: 7:00 PM IST

Where to Watch : YouTube FanFest Official youtube Channel

List Of Youtubers coming at Fan Fest India 2022

  1. A2 Sir
  2. Alisha Hazal
  3. Artist Shikha Sharma
  4. Awez Darbar
  5. Be You Nick
  6. Chahat Anand
  7. Chinki Minki
  8. Cook With Parul
  9. Dushyant Kukreja
  10. Emiway Bantai
  11. Harsha Sai
  12. Irfan’s View
  13. Ishpreet Dang
  14. Madan Gowri
  15. Mortal
  16. Mythpat
  17. Nagma Mirajkar
  18. Niha Sisters
  19. Triggered Insaan
  20. Payal Gaming
  21. Mostly Sane
  22. Priyal Kukreja
  23. Priyanka Jazmin
  24. Renuka Pawar
  25. Round2hell
  26. Sameeksha Sud
  27. Sandy Saha
  28. Sanjoy Das Offiacial
  29. Seedhe Maut
  30. Shannu
  31. Sharath Joy
  32. Slayy Point
  33. So Saute
  34. Sonali Bhadauria
  35. Suhani Shah
  36. Team Naach
  37. Techno Gamerz
  38. The Sumedha
  39. Wonder Munna
  40. Yashi
  41. Your Food Lab



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