Eng Vs India : Jasprit Bumrah scores 35 runs against Stuart Broad in 1 Over.

Jasprit Bumrah was on strike when Stuart Broad came to bowl 83rd over of the match.

83.1 Broad to Bumrah, FOUR. Bumrah hits the short ball to the fine leg boundary.

83.2 Broad to Bumrah, 5 wides, Bouncer which is too short and flies over Bumrah,

83.2 Broad to Bumrah, no ball, SIX. Broad continues with the short ball and Bumrah takes it on, the top-edge flies right over the keeper for a six.

83.2 Broad to Bumrah, FOUR. Broad bowls a juicy full toss, Bumrah swings it over mid-on and almost sends it the distance.

83.3 Broad to Bumrah, FOUR, Bumrah slogs across the line and the inside edge escapes past the stumps, races to the fine leg fence

83.4 Broad to Bumrah, FOUR. Bumrah pulls in front of square and loses his balance. More importantly it is in the gap and races to the deep mid-wicket fence.

83.5 Broad to Bumrah, SIX, 34 runs off the over. Short and around leg-stump, Bumrah gets inside the line and helps it along the way to fine leg.

83.6 Broad to Bumrah, 1 run, 35 runs off the over. Bumrah only gets a single.

Stuart Broad becomes the first bowler in the Test Match history to concede 35 runs in an over.

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