Horoscope Today :     July 11, 2022

Today brings with itself the reminder that you’re never too old to go back to your books. Let self-study lead the way forward.



Show up for what you love as you keep affirming the good.


Just for today, focus on what is blessed and beautiful. Give the good more power even if it makes you feel delusional.

That everything is taking place in divine order. Embrace that feeling of emptiness too as you remember the mantra, ‘This too shall pass’.


You must begin to eliminate the weight of other people’s expectations, even if that makes you feel uncomfortable temporarily.


Pay attention to what your circumstances are revealing to you as you turn your knowledge into wisdom.



Get comfortable with the uncomfortable nonetheless, as you remember that this discomfort is a part of the evolution process..


Even though things are seemingly topsy-turvy in your world, you are being led towards something bigger. So, trust the plan.


There are no shortcuts. No quick fixes that can transform your reality overnight.


Realising that your self-worth is not determined by your productivity will help you free yourself from the old narrative.


It’s time to start the conversation you’ve been putting off for some time, no matter how vulnerable this makes you feel.


Ask for your needs to be met and trust the Universe to answer your prayers in the most unexpected of ways.

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