Horoscope Today :      July 12, 2022

It’s time to rise above your circumstances and get some perspective.



Give yourself the approval, validation, and praise you deserve.


It’s time to receive all the love that you have been putting into the Universe.

It’s time to come out of hiding, break the cycle and change the narrative once and for all.


There are big downloads that are being sent your way at this moment, which have the power and potential to change the course of your life.


Loosen the grip and allow Spirit to come through. It’s not for you to control everything.



Good things take time. Just know that the seeds of goodness you are planting now will come to fruition when they are meant to.


You have within you the strength, courage, and resilience required to power through.


You are already prepared for the mission you have been entrusted with. It’s now time for you to own it!


Stay open to the help, support and guidance you are receiving with the inner knowing that you deserve every bit of the love you’re attracting.


If you’re looking for somebody to give you a pat on your back, then you’re never going to make it. So turn your gaze inward.


Find a balance between how much you give yourself and how much you give others.

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