Horoscope Today :      July 15, 2022

Have the conversation you have been avoiding. It’s time to pluck the weeds out of your garden.



Pay attention to who’s stealing credit for your work and report the matter to the respective authorities. Standing up for yourself is important at a time like this.


Some of you may be feeling inspired to set off on an adventure, solo or in the company of those who match your frequency.

Take a step in the direction of what makes *you* happy. Everything else will be taken care of by the Universe, beautiful.


Your journey towards greatness has just begun and there is no going back! It’s time to realise your highest potential.


It’s a good idea to set realistic goals for yourself so you can stay motivated in the long run.



With the law of duality at play, you will notice that there are new beginnings taking place simultaneously.


This is your chance to honour your truth and rewrite the rules that were handed down to you in ignorance.


You have a soul family that cares for you deeply and will be happy to provide support in the best way they can if only you allow them to.!


keep showing up for who and what you love anyway. You never know when the wheel of fortune will turn around.


There are certain adjustments that are required right now. Listening to your intuition will guide you in the direction of your purpose.


Invest in yourself. Trust that your mental health will receive a boost.

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