Horoscope Today :  November 4, 2022

you will never know the potential of what you can create unless you give yourself the permission to step into the act of doing.



Know that every disagreement is ultimately an opportunity for you to examine the other side of the story. Please, broaden your mind.


It’s time to give back what the world has given you. It’s time to become a conduit of hope for those around you.

You are being blessed with a soulful partnership that honours your true essence and holds space for you to be who you are.


Allow yourself to receive the love and support of others for a change.


What you want to let go of: the need to make excuses for somebody who's clearly making you feel like you're not enough.



It's time for those final touches so you can share your work with the rest of the world.


Finding that balance between doing and non-doing will help you make space for miracles.


Keep showing up for who and what you love.


That mysterious smile on your face tells us you have big plans for the future, and you are consistently working towards them in the now.


Bring a little more kindness and gentleness into your soul and body. It would be helpful.


Listen to what your higher self is telling you in each moment. The answers you seek are within you.

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