Horoscope Today :   October 13, 2022

Honour the polarity between you and your partner (or loved ones) as this is what is helping you evolve on a soul level.



The Universe is sending healing energy your way. Allow yourself to receive.


Instead of complaining about the challenges you are being faced with, take them in your stride.

Understanding that the other is merely a catalyst in your awakening will help you forgive and let go of the old story.


This chapter of your life is about bravely facing your past, including the feelings you have suppressed, and releasing what needs to be released to the Universe.


Stand in your truth like you never have before. Stand for yourself and also back yourself towards your goals.



the opportunity to travel and explore the unexplored could show up for some of you.


The gift of acceptance will transform your relationship in more ways than you can imagine and help restore the balance.


Breathe, return to the present moment and know that it's safe for you to open your heart.


Get comfortable with the uncomfortable for some time, atleast today.


Now is the time to follow the path of least resistance knowing that the Universe is always supporting you.


If you speak, choose your words wisely. As spoken words have a major impact on your relations.

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