Youtube denies  golden button to KRK 

Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) born May 20, 1960, is Indian actor and a film producer of small bollywood movies.

He also runs a YouTube channel in which he generally shares his opinions on new bollywood movies.

Recently, he has crossed 1 Million subscribers on youtube but youtube denies him to give Gold Play button which is generally given to youtubers on completing 1 Million subscribers

He said, All the youtubers like carryminati and saloniyappa etc. who do use full abusive language in their videos are eligible for the golden play button upon getting 1 million subscribers but not KRK !

KRK replied to youtube

because I have honest reviews and YouTube India and team YouTube are having problem with my honesty.

I am really surprised that all these social media platforms staff do hate me so much just because I don't do Chamchagiri of Bollywoodwalas. Unbelievable.